Lucia Path

Brèves de psy (English Version)

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Hospital psychologist, Lucia Path relates some moments taken from her practice in child psychiatry. The fragments chosen testify to instances in the lives of children, adolescents, and their parents who confide in an office, a hall, or an interstice, and recount their singular inventions to confront the world.

These briefs, with all the necessary decency, introduce the dramas and brokenness with which a life can be strewn. And in their reading demonstrate perhaps, the child residing in each of us. Taking in these encounters, one measures the importance of preserving the space of childhood and each story becomes also an invitation to reflect on the world which surrounds us.

Against the unimaginable, the author counsels those who battle the worst never to give up the sparkle of life, and in the end rediscover the dignity and legitimacy of their being. One guesses in these spaces of consultation strong instants of humanity. The illustrator has seized with finesse these bursts of light.



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Lucia Path est psychologue à l’hôpital dans un service pour enfants et adolescents. Ses livres Brèves de psy (tome I et II) sont publiés aux éditions Amalthée. Elle a souhaité, au travers de ces Brèves de vieux, dire l’importance d’être sensibles aux témoignages de nos aînés. Ces portraits d’hommes et de femmes qui ont compté, disent la force de la transmission, de l’amitié et du partage. Le livre est illustré par la talentueuse chilli drop.